As one of Houston’s oldest interfaith service organizations in Houston, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston’s interreligious engagement stands at the heart of our mission.

The Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships (IRCP) program brings diverse groups together for dialogue and service with the goal of ushering in a more connected community.

Our programming helps us:


Tours, special events, and dialogue projects create opportunities to learn about societal issues, differing perspectives, and each other.


Engaging in service and dialogue fosters a more just society and provides support for the most vulnerable members of our community.


Educational programming is proven to expand cultural literacy impacting communities one conversation at a time.

Join interactive and engaging vital conversations, dialogues, and community events that explore societal issues, foster interreligious and cultural understanding, and celebrate our community’s diverse tapestry.


Experience the beauty of world religions in Greater Houston through our Brigitte and Bashar Kalai Plaza of Respect “Welcome to Our House” video series, annual Gershenson Lecture on religion, peace, and ethics, interfaith dialogues, faith leader workshops, and immersion learning experiences.


Explore the cultural and religious diversity of Greater Houston through specially designed house of worship tours for student, corporate, faith, and community groups.  Visit some of our community’s historical cultural sites.


Support the critical work of Interfaith Ministries and network with diverse groups of women through ticketed events, service projects, and coffee chats that foster dialogue, service, and collaboration.


Embrace diversity, promote understanding, forge new connections, and make a difference through service as part of this programming for young professionals in Greater Houston.


Connect with 8th graders and a parent or guardian during this five-month leadership program to build stronger interpersonal relationships, strengthen communication skills, foster a more active volunteer spirit, and help with the transition from junior high to high school.


Learn about each other, important societal issues, and how to have respectful conversations with people who have different perspectives.

Join IRCP and be part of the dialogue: serve with us, collaborate with us, and learn with us! Our team includes:

  • Jodi Bernstein, Vice President
  • Kim Mabry, M. Div., Program Manager, Interfaith Engagement
  • Gayla Wilson, Program Manager, Community Engagement
  • Gevetta “Jet’ Phillips, Department Administrator
  • Jenny Abbott, M.Min., Education and Tour Specialist
  • Jeff Horton, Content Creation Manager

Email Jet Phillips at and sign up to receive more information about our work and programming