The Brigitte and Bashar Kalai Plaza of Respect at Interfaith Ministries’ 3303 Main Street headquarters in Midtown is an outdoor space designed to celebrate the rich interfaith diversity of Greater Houston. It hosts events that educate, inspire and connect.

The Peace Portal, which is the entry to the Plaza from Main Street, welcomes visitors through three doors representing the three Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The Everett Forum is a space for educational and cultural events, which includes a retractable video screen and can be arranged with seating.

The Wall of Faith honors donors to the project and has a mirror surrounded by symbols of the world’s major religions, meant to be inclusive of all visitors.

The Three Pillars of Light honor the interfaith work of three Houston faith leaders – affectionately nicknamed the “Three Wise Men” –Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, Rabbi Samuel Karff, and Reverend William A. Lawson.

The Banner of Respect is a horizontal metal banner gracing the top perimeter of the building and featuring the word “respect” in 13 languages carved from the metal and illuminated from within.

Thank you to our leading Plaza donors:

To rent the Plaza for an event, email

Naming opportunities are still available on the Plaza. For more information, please contact
Maria Magee at or at 713-533-4924.