HOUSTON (August 17, 2020) – Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston is deeply saddened by the death of Rabbi Samuel E. Karff, beloved Houston faith leader and Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Beth Israel. We share our deepest condolences with his family and all who loved him.

Rabbi Karff’s legacy is honored through a Pillar of Light on Interfaith Ministries’ Brigitte & Bashar Kalai Plaza of Respect. He will be fondly remembered for his wisdom, gentle spirit, and commitment to being a voice for the marginalized.

Rabbi Karff – together with his long-time friends Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza and Reverend William A. Lawson – recently filmed a video hosted by Interfaith Ministries as part of its “Vital Conversations with our Community” series. The trio addressed the topic of “Fighting for Justice, Equality and Respect”: https://bit.ly/2CAMqR9. There is no finer tribute to the Rabbi than his own words spoken with his close friends.

“He was a remarkable gentleman, scholar, rabbi, and, a champion for positive and respectful interfaith relations among people of all faiths, and, people of no particular faith,” shared Martin B. Cominsky, President and CEO of Interfaith Ministries. “Rabbi Karff led us by his conscience, his words, and, his many acts of loving kindness. “

At the request of Rabbi Karff’s family, a Fund has been established for donations made in his memory to benefit social justice programming through Interfaith Ministries’ Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships Department. Visit www.imgh.org to learn more.